Blog-us Interrupt-us


Sorry for the gap. Just got back from a 3 week jaunt overseas for work and really didn’t have the opportunity post.

My sleep hours are still confused. Last time it took me several days to acclimate. I had done okay the previous two nights, but last night I didn’t take a melatonin and that was a mistake. Woke up at midnight and didn’t go back to sleep until 3. Woke up, and got up, at 5:30. Oh well at least I’ll get a lot done today.

My daughter Meghan bought a house and its moving day. It will be busy, but once again, Melanie and I will be empty nesters.

I’m still learning WordPress and the ins and outs thereof. Lot’s here to get my head around. So stay tuned, my plan for this blog is to make it a sort of photo showcase. I’m looking at different themes that make sense, both technologically and artistically.